New Student Registration

Message from the Registrar


How to Register:

To enroll your student at Keene’s Crossing Elementary you must have all the required documents before you make the appointment for registration.

Make an appointment for registration at the link below then follow the steps: 

Step 1:
 Fill out all registration packet (see links below).

Step 2: Have all documents needed.

Step 3: Please bring all required documentation with you to the school at your appointment time.

Step 4: Your appointment will be in person with Registrar Camila Gamio. 


Any questions regarding the appointments please call 407-654-1351ext. 4252232 or email [email protected]

Required documentation to bring with you to your appointment:

    • Completed registration packet
    • Student birth certificate
    • students passport (if applicable)
    • Government picture ID for registering parent (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)
    • Divorce decree and /or Parenting Plan or Educational Guardianship from OCPS Student Enrollment(if applicable)
    • Address Validation (must be in the guardians name and one of the following):
      • Proof of homeownership or Current lease agreement
      • Address verification obtained by OCPS Student Enrollment
    • vaccination record on FL680 form and proof of physical within last year
    • academic history (transcript and/or last report card)
    • Special education information (IEP, 504, etc.)


Quick Links:

Registration Packet

Florida Health requirements for school enrollment