Back to School Year Info

KCES Back to School Year Information

1st Day of School
• August 21, 2020

Yearbook Information
• We know many of you are wondering about when the yearbook will arrive. Printing was delayed this year due to COVID-19. Lifetouch is not yet back at 100% printing capacity, but they are working hard to get books printed. They do not have an estimated timeline for when the KCE books will be done. We may get them in June or it may not be until July. Please know that when they arrive information will be shared with how to obtain your child's yearbook. We appreciate your patience. Thank you!

Kindergarten Registration
• At this time we are doing Kindergarten registration by email only.
• Please check >Newcomers>How to enroll>New Registration
• When all the documents are ready, please feel free to email them to our registrar at [email protected]

Book Drop Off
• You can drop off library and textbooks in the bin next to the picnic benches in front of the school anytime!